Garlic Oil for the Heart


As reported by Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, a new study has found that a component of garlic oil may help release protective compounds to the heart after a heart attack, during cardiac surgery, or as a treatment for heart failure. This study was recently reported by Doctors Health Press, a publisher of various natural health newsletters books and reports, including the popular online Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin.

At low concentrations, hydrogen sulfide gas has been found to protect the heart from damage. However, this unstable and volatile compound has been difficult to deliver as a therapy.

According to Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, now researchers have turned to diallyl trisulfide, found within garlic oil, as a way to deliver the benefits of hydrogen sulfide to the heart. Their findings suggest that indeed it could be used in many of the same situations as hydrogen sulfide.

The breakthrough data were presented on November 16, 2011, at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.

As reported in Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin on Monday, November 28, 2011, researchers blocked the coronary arteries of mice for 45 minutes. This simulates a heart attack. Just before blood flow was restored, they gave them diallyl sulfide culled from garlic oil. The compound reduced the proportion of damaged heart tissue in the area at risk by 61% compared with untreated animals.

When oxygen and blood flow are interrupted, it damages mitochondria, which can lead to cell death. But garlic oil’s key component can temporarily turn down the function of mitochondria, ensuring that less damaging substances are released.

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