Free Mobile App Makes Walking Fun

Ward off excess holiday pounds by walking.

Make the holiday season a time for health with the Every Body Walk! mobile application that launched today. The app is a fun, interactive tool to create and maintain a daily walking routine. It’s an easy way to get active, stay healthy and burn calories during the holidays.

“The Every Body Walk! mobile app makes it easy to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re already a walker or want to start walking, the app is a great tool you’ll want to use,” said Bob Sallis, MD, family physician at Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

What makes this app a total breakthrough? The Every Body Walk! mobile app allows users to monitor three important workout elements: time walked, distance covered and calories burned. Using GPS to establish the user’s location, walking paths are identified from a database of thousands of maps covering the United States at

There’s also an option to create custom walking routes using MapQuest. Whatever the course, by walking 30 minutes during a day with the Every Body Walk! mobile app, users earn a motivating badge for progressing toward the goal of walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Walking routes can be saved in the app to create a personal walking history. The app is fully integrated with social-media platforms, so sharing messages about walks is possible via Facebook and MeetUp. The app also serves as a distribution channel for motivational Every Body Walk! videos.

The app is an interactive addition to Every Body Walk!, an online, public awareness campaign aimed at getting people up and walking—30 minutes a day, five days a week—to improve overall health and meet adult physical activity recommendations and requirements.

Download the Every Body Walk! mobile app from the Android Market or the Apple App Store.