Forecast for Easter:

Eclectic Eggs and DIY Design

Known for their daring design pairings of high-end modern and flea market finds, HGTV design couple and parents of seven, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, are sharing big and bold trends that will define Easter this year from the latest egg decorating ideas to brightest spring decor.

DIY Egg Decorating
"This year, we predict more people are going to be rolling up their sleeves and moving beyond the egg dyeing kit to more eclectic DIY egg designs," says Robert. "We're living in an age where people are constantly looking online to Pinterest and Instagram for new inspiration. It's time to flip the switch, so toss those boring plastic eggs and come up with a unique egg decorating style that suits your Easter taste."

Designer hard-boiled eggs are easy to make, great for displaying and tasty to eat, making them a staple for Easter celebrations. Pick up an extra dozen eggs for hard-boiling and then give these new ideas from the Novogratz a try:  

Family Portraits: Tape tissue paper onto regular printer paper and print individual family photos or portraits onto it. Cut the photos out and apply them to the outside of eggs using decoupage glue (Modge Podge) or craft glue. Put them in individual egg holders on plates for instant place cards!

That's A Wrap: Thinly coat a piece of bubble packaging with acrylic paint, then roll the egg over the paint. Let the paint dry then repeat with another color, if desired.

Egg Scramble: Create your own egg word scramble by placing number or letter stickers on eggs before dipping then into egg dye. Remove eggs from dye once desired color is achieved, gently removing the stickers from the outside of the egg.

Bring the Outside, In
"It has been a long winter, and for a lot of us, it seems like there's no end in sight," says Cortney. "By Easter, we anticipate folks will be ready to bring spring inside their homes by using bright colors, fresh flowers and other well-known symbols of the season like nests and eggs." 

Stay on-trend by using your decorated eggs as inspiration. Blow out some of your egg designs, grab a bare tree branch from outside, place it in a vase and hang your eggs from them. You can also give your table or mantle the pop of color it needs by using your egg designs for virtually no cost. Place them around a quiche plate, use them as individual place cards or layer them in a vase or bowl for added color in the middle of your brunch table.

Make Your Designs Work Harder For You
"These days, people want variety, without the expense," says Robert. "Make sure you're getting the most out of your eggs. Don't toss those beautiful eggs you've decorated. If you're not using them as decor, peel your hard-boiled eggs and use them as a blank canvas to create recipes."

Try decorating eggs with pretzels, carrots and cucumbers to make egg dippers, or even kick up a classic egg salad by adding sriracha or curry powder. For more Easter tips, tricks and recipes from the Novogratz, visit us at and check us out on Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.