Flip for Fitness


This New Year, stop making resolutions and start working on a better, healthier you. One way to get there is to literally flip your fitness routine on its head with the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table. Inverted exercises and stretching will help you:

>> Develop a stronger core which is your best defense against back pain;
>> Work out with virtually no loads on your back and spine;
>> Decompress your spine before and after workouts.

A strong core is your best defense against back pain because it supports your center of gravity during movements that make your back prone to injury like lunging, lifting, quick changes in direction and even sitting. At the base of good posture, which is the position that best resists gravity's compressive influence, is a fit and toned core. This results in sitting and standing up straight, with shoulders pulled back slightly and your neck and head perfectly balanced with the rest of your spine, and avoiding undue stress on your spine caused by slouching.

One common complaint of traditional sit-ups, crunches and squats is that they themselves cause back pain and even injuries caused by added loads on the back. Doing these same exercises inverted on a Teeter Hang Ups reduces those loads to virtually zero, allowing you to get the benefits of core exercises without the negative impact.

Inversion therapy also plays a vital role in preparing your spine for and recovering from your workouts. In fact, a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Leatt et al.) found that inverting and decompressing before your workout actually reduces your risk of back injury due to the compressive nature of weight-training and running on your discs. Inverting with a Teeter can decompress the spine, ensuring that discs are supple and hydrated for adequate flexibility and shock absorption during your workout. Plus, post-workout inversion can help in recovering from the compressive and strenuous activities.

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