Five Tricks to Help You Enjoy a Healthier Halloween


During Halloween’s candy-focused season, it may seem impossible to keep your family healthy. But, with a few tricks of your own, you can limit sweet treats without limiting the fun.

Healthyroads—the award-winning wellness subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated—offers five tips to help families stay healthier during Halloween:

1. Give out a different kind of treat. Instead of candy, why not give out Halloween-themed toys, stickers, stick-on tattoos, erasers, finger puppets, or glow sticks? Many stores offer low-cost Halloween favors that will please your trick-or-treaters in a fun and sugar-free way.

2. Reduce container size. Instead of sending kids out with a pillowcase to collect candy, give them small decorated bags instead. They’ll fill their bags sooner and come home with fewer temptations.

3. Portion the candy. With so many candy choices, children may be tempted to splurge the first night. Set a limit on how many pieces they may eat each day. Freeze some of the treats: This helps with portions and also helps extend the Halloween fun!

4. Choose favorites. Ask children to choose their favorite candies, then pay them a penny for each treat they are willing to give up. Donate those treats or save them in the freezer for a rainy day.

5. Throw a healthy Halloween party. Instead of sending your children trick-or-treating, host a party instead. That way, you can choose the treats they’ll get. Serve apple cider, popcorn balls, frozen fruit bars, raisins, or granola bars instead of candy. Play fun games to keep kids active.

By offering your children healthier Halloween choices, you’re teaching them to make healthier choices every day. And that’s a great trick!