Fitness Expert Transforms Lives with the Eco-Diet


Sean Kelly, former fat guy turned record breaking power-lifter, elite fitness trainer, and author, has launched “The Eco-Diet” a new diet and fitness formula that will change the way we think about food and exercise — forever. Armed with over 12 years of meticulous research and backed by hundreds of client success stories, Sean identifies the root causes of the problem and takes aim at government, big agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and the $60 billion dollar diet and fitness industry.

His research includes the exercise programs of pro-athletes and Olympians. “I asked, what are the strongest, fastest men and women on the planet doing to reach elite physical condition. Let’s do that!” According to Sean, elite athletes follow a simple fitness triad that’s conspicuously absent in fad diet and fitness routines and then he lays it all out in “The Eco-Diet.”

Eco-Diet enthusiasts include, Alain Kashama who played pro-football for the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears before training as a pro-boxer. “I’m a perfect example of the facts and ideas in the book,” says Kashama who went from 280 pounds as an NFL defensive end, to a 240 pound pro-boxer.

World Blind Power-lifting Champion, Stephen Jesso became a true believer after dropping 127 pounds in less than a year on the Eco-Diet. “Not only did I get stronger, leaner and improve my overall health, I was able to eat an abundance of clean, natural food. As a once big guy and still a big eater, this diet is right up my alley.”

According to Sean, hunger diets are the worst thing you can do to try to lose weight. He also assails aerobic stair machines and “treadmills to nowhere” mainstays of traditional gym routines.When we were kids, we loved to move. We were often punished for moving too much. We’ve now managed to somehow turn movement into punishment.”

To date, Kelly’s proudest success is with middle-aged men and women who are overwhelmed, overweight and have failed repeatedly at traditional diets and fitness plans. Kelly says the secret is scaling the proven strategies used by elite athletes into a simple program that anyone can follow. “Humans have a healthy, natural evolutionary diet,” Kelly says. “Just like any other animal on the planet, terrible things happen to us when we divert from it.” The Eco-diet provides a unique, simple plan that anyone can follow to successfully embrace our evolutionary diet.

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