First Lady Michelle Obama announce next chapter of Let’s Move!

Five goals align with Let’s Move! pillars and promote healthy eating and active living

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius joined First Lady Michelle Obama and local officials from across the country to announce the next chapter in the Let’s Move! Cities, Towns, and Counties program, which encourages local elected officials to focus on improving the health of their communities.

“Make no mistake, childhood obesity is a national problem and demands everyone’s attention. But it’s a problem that can’t be solved just at the national level. We can make a significant impact, city by city, town by town, county by county,” Secretary Sebelius said.Secretary Sebelius announced five goals for local officials to achieve within the next year to address obesity and help communities be healthier. These goals align with Let’s Move!’s five basic pillars.

The five goals and corresponding Let’s Move! pillars are:

Goal: Start Early, Start Smart: To provide children with a healthier start, local elected officials commit to helping early care and education program providers incorporate best practices for nutrition, physical activity and screen time into their programs. (aligns with Pillar One – Creating a healthy start for children)

Goal: My Plate, My Place: To empower parents and caregivers, local elected officials commit to prominently displaying My Plate in all municipal or county venues where food is served. (aligns with Pillar Two – Empowering parents and caregivers)

Goal: Smart Serving for Students: To provide healthy food in schools, local elected officials commit to increasing participation in the School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program. (aligns with Pillar Three: Providing healthy food in schools)

Goal: Model Food Service: To improve access to healthy, affordable foods, local elected officials commit to implementing healthy and sustainable food service guidelines that are aligned with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in all municipal and county venues that serve food. (aligns with Pillar Four: Improving access to healthy, affordable foods)

Goal: Active Kids at Play: To increase physical activity, local elected officials commit to mapping local playspaces, completing a needs assessment, developing an action plan and launching a minimum of three proven policies, programs or initiatives aimed at increasing access to play. (aligns with Pillar Five: Increasing physical activity)

Secretary Sebelius also announced public and private sector commitments to support the goals of Let’s Move!

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