Expert Tips for Pairing Artisanal Wines and Cheeses and Packing Essentials for a Perfect Picnic Spread


It’s time to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather by packing up for one great American pastime, the summer picnic. Fortunately, when it comes to choosing an elevated picnic spread, there are some simple guidelines for creating the perfect wine and cheese combinations.  

“While you’ll want to pack a delicious crusty baguette, artisan salami, and seasonal fruit, nothing makes a picnic more delicious than the right artisanal cheese and wine pairings,” said Lindsey Jessup, Bridlewood wine ambassador and cheese and wine pairing expert. “When it comes to selecting cheese, I recommend contrasting tastes and textures to create a complete assortment that will serve as the perfect complement to your wine selections.”

To create a dynamic wine-friendly cheese platter Jessup suggests an aged, hard rind cheese; a soft-ripened cheese; a blue cheese; and a mild cow’s milk cheese. While personal preference plays a key role in cheese and wine pairings, Jessup says that in general, mild and hard cheeses match a wider range of wines than soft, ripe, or mature cheeses. Additionally, white wine typically pairs easier with a wider range of cheeses while more tannic red wines pair better with harder cheeses. 

“Artisanal cheeses are nicely complemented by unique and adventurous wines like Bridlewood’s artfully handcrafted Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Blend 175, and Cabernet Sauvignon,” continued Jessup.

Once wine and cheese pairings have been selected, it’s time to consider the rest of your picnic essentials. No matter the occasion, it’s easy to make each picnic unique and special. Jessup suggests the following ideas to round out your picnic spread:

  •   *Beyond fromage: Sturdy candles, simple flowers, and a selection of favorite music can all add a thoughtful touch to any picnic occasion.
  •   *Chill out: Bring ice packs and an insulated cooler to keep white wines and cheeses cold.
  •   *Lay back: An extra-large blanket or towel is ideal for spreading out to enjoy your picnic spread. Depending on your guests, consider portable folding chairs and oversized pillows for added comfort.
  •   *Location matters: Consider bringing sunscreen or an umbrella for sun protection.
  •   *Pack it up: Don’t forget the basics like a wine opener, utensils, napkins, plates, and glasses. Also, packing plastic containers can help to easily bring home leftovers.


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