Emerging Fitness Industry Trend Reveals Losing Weight No Longer Main Goal for Exercise Enthusiasts



Weight Rater, an organization that reviews weight loss products, discovers "women training" and "training for appearance" fitness trends based on search engine volume growth as well as the market success of product releases on a particular category.

In 1997, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally recognized Obesity as an epidemic. After such time, people became more aware about obesity, its causes, and the accompanying health risks. This led to the birth of a very lucrative weight loss industry built upon the foundation of fitness gyms, training videos, diet supplements, and weight loss surgical procedures.

"For a long time, the main and only aim of every product that comes out on the market is to get people to lose weight. Regardless if it's a training program, a supplement, a mail delivery service, a book, or an exercise machine, it was always about losing weight.  However, based on recent product release trends coupled with the online research data that we gathered, it seems that the industry may be shifting," said Kurt Lao , Weight Rater's Editor. Based on the results, "women training" and "training for appearance" are carving a growing niche in the industry.

"Women training" refers to fitness and training methodologies specifically designed for women's needs – accepting that a woman's physiology is different from a man's (among other things) and realizing that such difference merits specialized training methods and workout habits. On the other hand, "training for appearance" refers to training with the main goal of having an attractive physique with ideal body proportions instead of focusing on strength, functional fitness, or losing weight.

Weight Rater conducted a simple study by analyzing Google search volume movement (via Google Trends) on several keywords to determine trends while using the market success of recent product releases to verify those trends.

The results indicate that traditional exercise keywords like "weight loss exercises" and "strength exercises" resulted in steady search volumes throughout the years while appearance-based exercise keywords like "shoulder exercises," "core exercises," and "chest exercises" clearly show an uptrend. In the same light, fitness keywords for women like "exercises for women" and "workouts for women" show even steeper increases.

It's not a surprise then, that some fitness experts noticed the same trends and capitalized on these emerging markets with great success. John Barban 's Adonis Golden Ratio program (formally known as the Adonis Index Workout) and Venus Index Workout program targets the "training for appearance" and "women training" niches, respectively. The same can be said for Rusty Moore 's Visual Impact Muscle Building and Visual Impact for Women. Reviews of these products are available at WeightRater.com.

Despite coming from informal inquiries, these results may indicate a shift in the fitness industry as a whole or simply an emerging niche within the industry. Regardless, these changes in fitness interests and goals require new training methodologies and products that specifically target those needs. Losing weight is not the only reason why people go to into fitness anymore.