Eat Like the White House with Healthy Recipes

Michelle Obama explains value of healthy food.

Even Michelle Obama admits her biggest indulgence is French fries, and she's not afraid to talk about it.

Known for featuring leading industry experts like Arthur Agatston, MD, Denise Austin, Joy Bauer, Ellie Krieger, Mallika Marshall, MD, and Jillian Michaels, welcomes America's First Lady–champion of the Lets Move! campaign and the recently developed USDA's MyPlate dietary guidelines–to help educate and motivate readers.

In addition to the French fries indulgence admission, Michelle Obama also notes in an exclusive interview with Everyday Health that healthy eating does not have to be an all or nothing approach, and she encourages Everyday Health readers to remember that treats should not become the habit. She offers ideas on how to involve children in the process and provides insights into a typical Obama family dinner–a time she says helps her family be a bit healthier, with their eating and as a family. invites readers to "Eat Like the White House" this fall by whipping up White House recipes for

>> America's most-coveted comfort foods like pizza, lasagna and fries. The site even highlights the nutritional analysis in comparison to each recipe's common alternative.

>> Crispy Sweet Potato Fries – Save calories and sodium while enjoying added vitamin A, potassium and fiber as well as a breadcrumb coating to provide flavor and crunch without frying.

>> Turkey Lasagna with Spinach – Low-fat cheese, lean turkey meat and nutrient-rich spinach make this a hearty meal with less fat, sodium and calories than its classic counterpart.

>> I Made It Myself Pizza – Enjoy 430 mg less sodium, 8 grams less fat, and 6 grams more fiber as compared to one slice of meat-topped pizza from a popular chain restaurant.

>> Easy Fruit Pocket Pies – As compared to a slice of pre-prepared apple pie, this recipe has 160 fewer calories as well as less fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar.

>> Smashed Apples – This apple sauce contains 4 grams more fiber per serving than store-bought applesauce as well as additional vitamins and minerals. Plus, it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup often found in store-bought brands.


To watch the interview, visit "Eat Like the White House."