Dr. Bob Sears Demystifies Colic for “Less Crying Time, More We Time”

New campaign seeks to educate parents on colic vs. reflux and lactose intolerance

Crosscare Inc, the makers of Colief Infant Drops, have today announced a partnership with nationally recognized, board-certified pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears in a campaign aiming to educate parents and pediatricians about an emerging theory in the diagnosis and treatment of colic. Affecting up to 40 percent of all infants, colic is the No. 1 condition pediatricians are asked about by parents. Characterized by hours-long crying spells and extreme discomfort for babies, colic has also been associated with stress, fatigue, anger, and feelings of inadequacy in parents.

“I am excited to partner with Colief in this campaign, as I have seen first-hand the toll colic takes on entire families who endure seemingly endless bouts of screaming and crying,” says Dr. Sears. “I began using Colief in my office last year and have seen it improve or resolve symptoms of colic in approximately half of my patients thus far. This particular treatment has helped mothers continue breastfeeding and has also worked when added to standard milk-based formula, preventing the switch to a hypoallergenic one. I am eager to help parents and physicians understand the intricacies of colic and ways we can work to identify and treat the condition.”

In an effort to spread awareness and ease the distress of parents with colicky babies, Colief will launch “TummyTuesday,” a campaign hosted on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages where parents can participate by posting their questions directly to Dr. Bob Sears every Tuesday.

Dr. Sears will also be sharing tips for parents surrounding tummy issues via informational video-casts on relievecolic.com and Facebook.com/ColiefInfantDrops.

Despite the condition’s prevalence, the precise cause of colic has historically been uncertain. Research suggests, however, that 38 percent of colic cases can be attributed to transient lactase deficiency, a condition causing a temporary inability to digest lactose sugar, leading to severe intestinal pain and bloating. Developed to relieve symptoms of this condition, Colief is a specially formulated lactase enzyme preparation which eases the digestion of lactose in both formula-fed and breastfed infants.

New to the US, Colief Infant Drops have been clinically proven to reduce crying time in colicky babies and have been trusted by families in the United Kingdom and Ireland for over 15 years. Colief is added to breastmilk or formula at the beginning of every feeding until the infant’s intestinal system begins producing more lactase on his or her own, around three to four months.

According to Dr. Sears, “The introduction of Colief to the US market is a significant development in the treatment of infant colic. While lactase digestive enzymes have long been available to lactose intolerant children and adults, no specially formulated infant product has been available in the US until this year.”

For more information on Colief Infant Drops, Dr. Sears, or the “Tummy Tuesdays” campaign, please contact Robyn Ungar at 610.228.2131 or Robyn@GregoryFCA.com.