Dentists Mouth Off About National Facial Protection Month


Dental professionals across the country are campaigning during April’s National Facial Protection Month to encourage safe methods for facial, head and mouth protection. “Young or old, professional sports players or amateurs, we’re encouraging all of our patients to take simple steps to protect their teeth, gums and smiles,” said Dr. Chad Denman of Family Tree Dental Group. “Mouthguards should be worn by anyone involved in an activity where there’s a potential for a collision – whether it’s with the ground or another individual. A person’s smile is far too valuable to take unnecessary risks.”

Dental associations and professionals encourage reducing facial hazards by the following methods:

- Using helmets during activities such as baseball and riding bicycles, scooters or motorcycles
- Wearing protective eyewear and face shields when appropriate
- Employing mouthguards during sports and other activities like skateboarding or rollerblading

Mouthguards cover the upper teeth and cushion a blow to the face so that the risk of broken teeth and injury to the soft tissue of the mouth can be minimized, according to the American Dental Association. A mouthguard that is properly fitted should be easy for users to talk and breathe with, and is essential for all athletes playing contact sports like football and hockey.

The dentists at Family Tree Dental Group take facial protection very seriously and want to instill its importance on local youth. As part of their education efforts, Drs. Chad and Shelby Denman of Family Tree Dental Group are donating a complete supply of mouthguards to the athletic department at Lamar Middle School, located just a few blocks from their office. “We never want to see anyone with a broken smile, but we’re particularly protective of all of the neighborhood kids,” said Dr. Shelby Denman. “We hope this sets the right example of ‘safety first’ for them to follow throughout their lives.”

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