Defying Diagnosis and Exceeding Expectations: 11-Year-Old Autistic Boy and Mother Create Family-Friendly Blog and Online Cooking Show


Get Up and Go! Make It Happen! Check It Out! Do Something Good! These actions are what define is all about living a complete and meaningful life, wherever you are and whoever you are. It’s about believing in positive and profound possibilities, and inspiring others to make the decisions, take the actions, and nurture the relationships required to make these possibilities reality, no matter how great or small they may seem.

Chase Bailey was diagnosed with Autism when he was almost three years old. Chase’s mom, Mary Bailey, discusses Chase’s journey in her articles on the site under the heading, “Something For The Parents.” is a family-friendly site that Chase and Mary established to provide another venue through which Chase could follow his dreams, further his education, and interact with and experience the world.

“This blog is an all-encompassing avenue for Chase’s growth and development. As a parent, I believe it is crucial to not impose additional limits on these kids that traditional diagnosis may dictate, but instead to affirm and actively support their strengths and gifts,” says Mary Bailey. “My hope for the readers of our blog is that they will recognize that regardless of circumstances or diagnosis, it is possible to see and create light in the dark places that we all have in our lives.”

Through the site Chase shares pictures, words, and video that show and describe places he has visited; music he likes to listen to; people he admires; things he enjoys to read; ways to better the world; his personal passions (food and cooking), and much more! was also created to inspire others to focus on and celebrate the gifts and talents that we ALL have, regardless of diagnosis or challenges.

A “must-see” feature on is Chase’s cooking show under “Make It Happen“! It’s a particular passion of Chase’s, and is quickly turning into a popular feature with viewers. Three episodes of his show have been posted so far, and there are many more to come!