DaVita Nutrition Services: Creating a Wave of Healthy Choices

1,500 DaVita Dietitians Work to Educate DaVita Citizens & Local Communities about Nutrition

DaVita Inc., a leading provider of kidney care services that is committed to improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), announced today that DaVita’s Nutrition Services team, made up of 1,500 registered dietitians (RDs) across the United States, is kicking off a health initiative during National Nutrition Month in March.

DaVita dietitians work year-round to improve the diet and health of DaVita’s 142,000 patients with kidney failure. During the month of March they plan to use their knowledge and passion for nutrition to help their DaVita citizens (employees) and local communities make healthier food choices. By educating others they hope to “create a wave of healthy choices” that will ripple out beyond National Nutrition Month.


“The two core components of the DaVita Nutrition Service’s initiative are educating DaVita citizens across the country and educating our community members by offering programs and activities that teach healthy eating,” said Debbie Benner, RD, vice president of clinical support at DaVita. “We have designed content to meet the specific needs for various groups, from young children to teens, up to seniors.”


DaVita dietitians will be going out into communities across the 38 DaVita divisions throughout the United States and teaching healthy eating in a fun, interactive way they hope is contagious. The RDs will be working to improve DaVita citizens’ health by sharing a daily heath tip, planned group activities and games to encourage healthy food practices.


“I will be visiting both elementary classes and a senior independent living facility to talk about good nutrition,” said Cathy Walker, RD, facility administrator at DaVita. “No one is ever too young or too old to improve their health.”


Some of the topics and activities the DaVita dietitians will be giving include: Fear Factor –Trying New Healthy Foods, to introduce school age children to new, unfamiliar fruits and vegetables; Healthy Eating on a Budget, to teach adults how to plan ahead for better budgeting and better food choices; and Getting Your Plate in Shape, utilizing ChooseMyPlate.gov to give food demonstrations of appropriate food portions.


To learn more about National Nutrition Month, the nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and their 2012 campaign “Get Your Plate in Shape” visit eatright.org/. To find more information on healthy eating tips and 700-plus kidney friendly recipes visit davita.com/recipes/.