Comprehensive Lymphedema Patient Resource and Education Site to Launch this Month Designed to Inform, Inspire and Support

Emphasizing the notion that “Lymphedema doesn’t have to be a secret,” a new online resource site,, has been developed to spread the word about the largely misunderstood condition suffered by hundreds of thousands of women. The site is designed to provide a comprehensive informational resource and support network for women living with lymphedema and their loved ones and families, as well as anyone faced with breast cancer in general.

After the physical and emotional rigors of a mastectomy or lumpectomy as part of the fight against breast cancer, patients often need to undergo extensive radiation or chemotherapy treatments as well. Unfortunately, for many of those who successfully beat breast cancer, there is a chance they could face the potentially debilitating post-breast cancer condition called lymphedema.

Largely under diagnosed and misunderstood, lymphedema is a condition resulting from damage to the lymph nodes that causes swelling in the limbs. Early detection is critical for survivors of breast cancer to manage and control the condition. However, the majority of women are unaware that lymphedema is a risk associated with breast cancer treatments. Too often, the condition is not diagnosed until after swelling is visible, the point at which the progression of the disease is often irreversible.

The hope of is to create a community of breast cancer patients and survivors, friends and family, who support the education, prevention, early detection, intervention and treatment of lymphedema. The site creates a forum that offers women the opportunity to get proactive about the condition by sharing their stories and learning those of others via the site’s built-in online support community. The site also contains regularly updated news and information about the condition and related research, question and answer opportunities with medical professionals, and information empowering readers to spread the word about the condition.

The ultimate goal of is to generate increased awareness and knowledge of lymphedema, as well as a support network so that more breast cancer survivors will have the resources necessary to be informed and to become advocates for early detection and awareness. The easy-to-navigate and interactive site goes live this month.