Coffee and Protein: A New, All-in-One, Healthy Beverage for US Troops


Two of the top requested items from US troops are protein drinks and bars, a convenient way of getting sustenance for our active military. Of course, a cup of joe has long been a popular staple for the troops, as well.

CLICKco LLC has donated over 35,000 servings of CLICK Espresso Protein Drink to Operation Gratitude, so the troops can now get their coffee and protein all in one.

Each serving of CLICK contains 15 grams of protein, a double-shot of real espresso coffee, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals with a taste that’s more like a gourmet, coffee-house drink rather than a typical protein shake.

CLICK by definition means to connect and make a success. “We are so honored to be making this positive connection with the troops,” shares CLICKco LLC Co-founder, Greg Smith. “Combining coffee for energy and protein to stabilize blood sugar, this 1-2 combination helps to provide the essential energy and nutrition support that the troops need along with a gourmet, coffee-house taste that they can enjoy hot or cold.”

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