CHILDREN + OBESITY: Alarming Trends in Childhood Obesity

Childcare professional Thad Pryor says the answer could lie in better health education.

Childhood obesity has been a rising problem for some time now, and most Americans are aware of the epidemic proportions that childhood obesity has reached. According to a new CNN report, however, this children's health crisis is presenting whole new sets of challenges. CNN reveals that many children are outgrowing their clothing, and even the furniture used in their schools. According to Children of America CEO Thad Pryor, the CNN report points to a serious problem -- and a possible solution.


In his time as the leader of Children of America, Thad Pryor has championed the cause of children's fitness. One of his most noteworthy initiatives has been the implementation of a Presidential Fitness program, in Children of America locations across the country. The CNN study goes a long way toward illustrating why childhood obesity is such an urgent concern.


In fact, Pryor points to one anecdote as particularly troubling. The CNN story reports that a 14-year-old boy, having reached a weight of more than 300 pounds, found himself no longer able to fit comfortably in his school desk. Rather than ask for the school to accommodate his physical need, however, the student suffered quietly, simply not wishing to draw attention to himself.


This public school incident reveals how bad the problem of childhood obesity has become, but it also reminds us of where a possible solution lies -- in education. According to the Children of America CEO, teaching kids to make healthy choices from a young age might be one of the best ways to prevent obesity later in life. His own fitness initiatives at Children of America serve as a possible model.


Thad Pryor, a former martial arts champion, has emphasized the importance of physical fitness throughout his time at Children of America. He notes that physical development goes hand in hand with mental development, and that an emphasis on strong body-and-mind connection ultimately helps kids do better in their academic pursuits.


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