Children’s Mental Health Day, May 9

Statistics on Youth Who Struggle with Mental Illness

Thursday, May 9 is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. More than 420,000 children in California live with serious mental health disorders:

>>Experts estimate that one in five children struggles with a mental illness.

>>Almost 40 percent of high school students with mental health issues will drop out of high school.

>>The onset of major mental illness may occur as early as age seven to 11 but may not be properly diagnosed until the youth is in their late 20s or 30s – if at all.

>>Suicide is California’s third leading cause of death in teens and young adults aged 15 - 24.

>>It is estimated that 50 percent of children in the child welfare system and nearly 70 percent of children in the juvenile justice system suffer from mental health disorders.

>>Factors that predict mental health problems can be identified in the early years, with children and youth from low-income households at increased risk for mental health problems.