Celiac Sufferers Have Reason to Rejoice Over the Jewish Holidays

Gluten Free Matzo and Companion Cookbook Launched Just in Time for Passover

Jessica Katz was suffering. Every time her family enjoyed a traditional Passover Seder, she had to pass on the matzo and matzo ball soup because of the Celiac disease that made her unable to digest wheat and gluten. Celiac disease affects about 1 in 130 people and according to the American Journal of Gastroenterology, Jews experience gluten allergies at significantly higher rates!

So in 2009, Jessica, daughter to Jewish comedian Robert Schimmel, launched GlutenFreeMatzo.com, to offer Jewish Celiacs a delicious, all-natural alternative to traditional wheat matzo, which plays a central part in Passover Seder tradition and many Pesah recipes.

Gluten Free Matzo allows the millions of people allergic to wheat or who avoid it due to Autism, and the many more who prefer living "G-Free" or "Right for their Type."  The Matzo is important for Celiacs who want to enjoy Passover meals that fit their needs. 

New for Passover 2012, Jessica Katz has performed another Gluten Free Mitzvah, by editing and publishing The Gluten Free Passover Cookbook. Created to make a delicious Passover meal, not just a "delicious-for-a-gluten-free-Passover-meal," Chef Anne Luder shares over 90 recipes that follow the Ashkenazi tradition. Luder has even, where possible, offered nut-free variations and vegetarian/vegan alternatives, so every relative and guest at your Seder meal, no matter how picky, is sure to be satisfied.

A Jewish celiac herself, Luder writes that the Gluten Free Passover Cookbook will "give you ideas and inspire you, lift your mood and show you how to make things you don't think are possible at Pesach." Many of the recipes are adaptations of her family's traditional recipes, along with some new creations concocted in her own kitchen.

Some of the gluten-free Passover recipes include:

>> Pasta dishes like Meat Lasagna, Tangy Vegetarian Lasagna, and Italian Potato Pastry

>> Breads and Crackers including Quinoa and Sweet Potato Flat Breads, Cottage Cheese Pastry Crackers, and Passover Puff Rolls

>> Starters such as Charoset, Mediterranean Cucumber Salad, and Goujons of Chicken or Fish with a Coconut Crust, Avocado, Orange, and Fennel.

>> Desserts like Pumpkin Kugel with Apple and Raisins, Chestnut Chocolate Custard Pots, and Choux Buns and Filling

>> Soups such as Celery Soup, Creamy Chicken Soup, Passover Egg Noodles, and Pesach Kneidelach

>> Plus Fish and Poultry dishes, Vegetarian entrees, Sauces, Cakes and Cookies