Celebrate National Hot And Spicy Food Day


Not only is America experiencing scorching hot temperatures this summer, but many meals will be extra hot and spicy this upcoming Monday, August 19th, which marks National Hot and Spicy Food Day.


National Hot and Spicy Food Day is the perfect time to kick up the flavor of your food a notch. It’s really easy for any cook to add some spice to their recipes. Condiments such as mustard, hot sauce, salsa, and sauces like mole and sriracha can add a spicy flavor to everything from baked macaroni and cheese to jambalaya or summer grilling favorites such as hamburgers and chicken.

There are many spicy meals to sample this Monday.  Prepare Chipotle Aioli Sliders made with a sauce from tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, green tomatillo salsa, green onions, and a chipotle chili aioli. Or Spicy Georgia Peach Chicken prepared with both a spicy ranch dressing and Dijon mustard. You can also enjoy Grilled Squab Empanitos with hot sauce. Drinking milk is the perfect accompaniment to enjoy these meals and other spicy foods.


These recipe ideas and more are available courtesy of The Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS). Visit www.dressings-sauces.org for enticing hot and spicy recipe ideas using condiments.