Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat


The creators of the documentary film CARB-LOADED: A CULTURE DYING TO EAT have released their first trailer. The film features nationally renowned authorities on food culture and health, including Gary Taubes, Brian Wansink, Timothy Noakes, and David L. Katz. The director, Lathe Poland, brings to light the alarming fact that diabetes is skyrocketing to nearly one in three people. According to Poland, whether you have diabetes or not, "all of us are paying for its treatment every day."

"Our food culture is making us sick," says Lathe. "Society is struggling to pay its health bills right now…and we haven't seen anything yet." The film reveals that left unchecked, current health trends will cripple the world economy.

In the US alone, one in three people are currently obese (not including overweight) and the cost of diabetes is estimated at $245 billion annually. The creators hope to shine a spotlight on possible causes and solutions to this worldwide epidemic.

A trailer for the film has been released via, a crowd funding site allowing individuals to support the film through voluntary donations. Production will continue through the summer of 2013 with the release set for the spring of 2014.