Cancer Research Organization Broadcasts Healthy Eating Tips with Top Chefs

Tour underscores The Gateway research mission

After she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer when she was three weeks pregnant, Lynette Bisconti, president of The Gateway for Cancer Research, was determined she would beat the deadly disease, partly by eating foods that may fight cancer.

Today, The Gateway not only preaches eating right, but supports research aimed at developing complementary and alternative therapies from natural compounds, some of which are found in foods, to fight cancer.

This nexus of food and cancer research is being highlighted by Bisconti, who is spreading the word during tour stops in many cities, that cancer patients should eat foods high in antioxidants because the special molecules may prevent and fight cancer. It also draws attention to The Gateway’s overarching mission, funding research focused on saving lives.

The Gateway has funded more than 90 clinical studies, aimed at many types of cancer, including studies for new drug therapies, novel combination therapies, and complementary and alternative therapies. Ninety-nine cents of every dollar The Gateway receives goes directly to fund research.

Bisconti is partnering with chefs who focus on healthy ingredients in television segments demonstrating that eating healthy is tasty too. Especially in Southern states it’s a new way of cooking: No more butter and nothing fried, but with all the flavor of biscuits and gravy.

Bisconti’s stop in Richmond included Chef Jenna Sneed from Fresca on Addison,, as part of their participation in the “Balance Your Life Road Tour."

Other new Gateway funding initiatives include the Cancer Canvas, where personal stories can be shared, and Fund a Day program where people can help fund a day of research.