Calories Matter, Where They Come From Matters Much More

Weight loss is more than calorie restriction and exercise.

The weight of the average American continues to increase. The latest statistics say we are up roughly 20 pounds in 2 decades.

Yet, as we have grown, so has the size of the weight loss industry. People continue to diet more, and continue to gain weight. The question has to be asked: "What is going on here?"

According to, which was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best sites to stay on a diet and lose weight in June 2011, there are 3 primary reasons for this:

   1. Many people have a toxic reaction to certain foods like wheat and dairy. This creates inflammation in the body and makes it difficult to lose weight despite calorie restriction.

   2. Most people are not consuming enough plant-based foods, which are scientifically proven to help detoxify cells and decrease hunger.

   3. The average breakfast consumed by Americans is very high in all forms of sugar, low in the amino acids necessary to transport toxins from your body and contains little of the healthy fat that the body uses for energy.

PEERtrainer's controversial assertion is that what most people think they need to do to lose weight—eat less and exercise more—is very incomplete. Of course people need to restrict calories, but they also need to remove the foods that create a toxic response and add the plants needed to remove toxins from the body.

However, when most people think of detoxification, they think of fasting and juice cleanses. According to JJ Virgin, PhD, "The majority of cleanses ignore the science -- that we need amino acids to eliminate toxins. By going on a juice fast or total fast we can become more toxic as we release stored toxins from the tissues and then cannot effectively eliminate them."

According to Habib Wicks, CEO of, "online peer support has been shown in clinical studies to be highly correlated with positive weight loss outcomes.

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