Brides-to-Be, Listen Up!


Summer brides, rejoice! Instead of fad diets or fasting, a new plan will help you lose weight and look fabulous for your wedding – and long after the honeymoon is over. 5 Skinny Habits is not a diet; it's a healthy habit makeover for long-term weight loss. Make just one change to your routine every week for five weeks, including simple meal adjustments, natural supplements, and light exercise. There are no fads, no gimmicks. The program is rooted in centuries of research, blending proven ancient health principles with modern health and nutritional science. All the information is available for free at, including sample meal plans, exercise routines, diet diaries, and more.

"Brides can finally say 'I Do' to a healthy lifestyle that will encourage you and your soulmate to start living healthy the right way, versus a quick fix," said health & fitness expert David Zulberg, creator of 5 Skinny Habits. "Crash diets don't last. By changing your habits at the right pace, you can keep living your normal lifestyle, and achieve results that will last well beyond your wedding day."

The 5 Skinny Habits include:

Week 1: For breakfast or lunch, have a Light Meal (250 calories or less): fruit, salad, eggs and toast, cereal with milk.

Week 2: Have a concentrated Food or "CF Meal" (protein + veggies) for your largest meal of the day. A glass of red wine is allowed – enjoy it with your fiance!

Week 3: For lunch or dinner, eat a "V-Plus" Meal – V is for veggies! Eat as you normally would (including healthy grains), but for seconds, it's veggies only.

Week 4: Add in Exercise – just 10-20 minutes of cardio, three days/week to start.

Week 5: Swap your Snacks – try water, veggies, low-fat dairy, or fruit instead.

5 Skinny Habits also recommends incorporating daily natural supplements to promote weight loss and reduce stress as part of an overall diet and exercise regimen.