Bladder Health Awareness Week Reveals Facts for Women Suffering from Urological Conditions


Currently, one out of four women between the ages of 30 and 59 suffer from incontinence and after the age of 59, more than 50 percent of women suffer. Similarly, pelvic organ prolapse occurs in approximately half of the women who have had children by vaginal delivery and can cause incontinence and/or pain and discomfort.

In honor of National Bladder Health Awareness Week, November 14th-18th, Virginia Women's Center is reminding women with any female urological issues that they can turn to Virginia Women's Continence Center for treatment, education and high quality patient care.

In 2006, Virginia Women's Center opened Virginia Women's Continence Center to expand their traditional obstetrical and gynecological care to specialize in issues of incontinence and other female urological conditions.

Reinforcing the importance of treatment opportunities available in the Richmond region, Dr. Lonny Green, director of Virginia Women's Continence Center and urologist at Virginia Women's Center's John Rolfe office states, "Most women live with incontinence—but they don't have to. It is important for them to know that it is not a normal part of aging."

Together Dr. Lonny Green and Dr. Louis Thompson, a gynecologist specializing in pelvic organ prolapse repair and surgery, are working together with patients to create individualized treatment plans to treat these and other bladder difficulties. These treatment plans include simple exercises, diet changes, medications, or surgical procedures.

Dr. Green has performed over 2,500 sling procedures for the treatment of urinary incontinence and has dedicated his career to the advancement of female urology. Speaking toward the difficulties patience face, Dr. Green says, "We see a large number of patients who have dealt with pelvic dysfunction and incontinence for years.  Often, these issues could have been avoided—if not approved—with awareness and proper treatments."

Committed to restoring women to the highest quality of life, Virginia Women's Center emphasizes the need for more education and communication as these issues affect women emotionally, psychologically, socially and sexually and women take all kinds of measures, simply to put up with leaking and to avoid embarrassing accidents.

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