The Best Gift for Dad: Back Pain Relief

Relax The Back Presents Top 5 Solutions for Dads Suffering in Silence this Father’s Day

Relax The Back found top Father’s Day gift categories to include clothing, gift cards and electronics – but are these gifts actually useful? According to the American Physical Therapy Association, nearly two-thirds of Americans experience lower back pain, and it’s especially prevalent among men.

Whether dad sits in the office all day, plays golf on the weekend, or likes to lounge at home, his quality of life is connected with the health and comfort of his back. Today Relax The Back released its top back support gifts:“It’s an unspoken epidemic,” said Leanne Mattes, vice president of marketing for Relax The Back. “People come into our stores everyday who have suffered from back pain for years, and they’re often shocked to find that the products they’ve been using at home or in the office are contributing to their pain.”

  1. Ergonomic Chair: For a dad that spends long hours at a desk, few things will make a bigger difference in his back pain relief than a well-designed ergonomic chair.
  2. Lumbar Cushion: Popular among office workers, commuters and travelers, lumbar cushions offer back support that promotes proper posture and reduces pressure on the lower spine.
  3. Memory Foam Pillow: These pillows offer maximum pressure relief for a better, more therapeutic night’s sleep. Some models offer additional benefits by supporting your head, neck and shoulders to properly align the spine.
  4. Massage Tools: Tools like the Theracane offer a simple way to get deep-muscle relief and manage chronic muscular pain. They make it easy for dads to get hard-to-reach spots with a trigger-point massage. Or, give dad the ultimate gift with the Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair, a luxurious massage for his entire body right down to his fingertips.
  5. Zero Gravity Chair: Using a concept developed by NASA, these recliners take the stress off your spine by elevating you to a "zero gravity" position. With your feet raised to the same level as your heart, the strain of gravity on your vertebrae will be less, relieving back discomfort.

National Retail Federation Father’s Day surveys have shown an all-time high in Father’s Day spending over the past 8 years. Maybe it’s time to start investing in things that will make him feel good not just on Father’s Day, but every day of the year.