Avoiding Sitting Disease - Is it Possible? Back App Enters the Discussion


Scientific research is increasingly showing strong links between spending too much time sitting and the development of severe long and short term health problems. So serious is the issue of Sitting Disease that there is a growing insistence that "sitting is the new smoking."

Health problems caused by Sitting Disease:
•Short term 
◦Muscular and skeletal pain and disorders
◦Back pain
◦Shoulder and neck pain

•Long term 
◦Heart disease
◦Type 2 diabetes
◦High blood pressure
◦Chronic obesity
◦Premature death

The many hours that we spend sitting in a car, at a desk, or in front of a television is making the development of products such as Back App even more relevant. Especially as Sitting Disease can affect even those that get plenty of exercise. Just as smoking is bad for you even if you get lots of exercise, so is sitting too much. Designed to simultaneously improve back pain and avoid the effects of Sitting Disease, Back App is more than an office chair, it is a healthy training apparatus.

Benefits of Back App 
•Back App is a training apparatus AND a chair. You exercise your whole body effortlessly while going about your daily routine.
•Back App keeps your muscles moving all of the time.
•Back App helps your back pain in the short term and moves you out of the standard sitting position that is so dangerous for long term health.
•The challenge of Back App is adjustable: If you want more training - screw the ball down!

Dr. Freddy Johnsen, the inventor of Back App, explains: "The problem for office workers is that their jobs don't require anything from their bodies, only their brains. We have the solution."

To view the Back App Multimedia News Release please click: multivu.com/players/English/51361-back-app-guarantee-improved-back-pain/


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