Avoid Pitfalls of ObamaCare

Learn to Stay Healthy with Pamela Young's "Natural Healing Foods"
With the coming implementation of ObamaCare, Pamela Young's "Natural Healing Foods - A User-Friendly Reference to Nature's Pharmacy"may well be the most important book to buy this year. Here's why: The re-election of Barack Obama means that implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act will begin in January, 2014. Author Young, founder of The Academy for Healthy Living says, "Big changes are on the way, and not all will be the positive changes people anticipate."

According to Dr. Betsy McCaughey, the former Lt. Governor of New York and an expert on the new healthcare law, one drastic change is how the cuts to Medicare will determine how seniors will be treated -- or not -- under the provisions of the law. She cites a California study in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirming higher death rates in poorer hospitals, saying, "...Despite this evidence -- in fact, in disregard of this evidence -- the Obama administration is pushing hospitals in all 50 states to imitate the low-spending hospitals where the death rates are higher!" There are other consequences: A new nationwide survey by Jackson Healthcare of US physicians shows that 34 percent say they will leave the practice of medicine in the next decade. Richard L. Jackson, chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare, says doctors cite medical malpractice and overhead costs, closely followed by not wanting to practice medicine in the era of health reform.

Another seismic shift is the influx of thirty million new patients who must now buy a one-size-fits-all plan from a government insurance exchange, further taxing the system just as Medicare spending is being cut. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand that more patients and fewer healthcare providers will result in healthcare rationing -- which even the New York Times admitted in two Op-Ed articles just this year.

All of these changes are coming, but there are ways to avoid the worst of them. So what's to be done? Simply stay healthy! Without good health, everything else in life is at risk. Good health should be everyone's #1 job. Stay healthy, and stay out of the system that puts bureaucrats in charge of healthcare. Author Pamela Young says, "It's time to become more pro-active about health. The first weapon of defense is knowledge. My 'Natural Healing Foods' is a great cross-reference to the foods, vitamins, and herbs that can help treat and prevent over eighty common health problems -- including Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease and diabetes." Young's introduction sheds light on the dangers lurking in processed foods and how they can affect health. More importantly, she touches on the influence of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry and the debilitating side effects of some of the expensive drugs many doctors commonly prescribe.

"Natural Healing Foods" is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as Ingram distributors. This is must-have information in the vitally important quest for good health. As a prominent doctor said in his review, "If you are interested in looking at foods and herbs for various ailments, 'Natural Healing Foods' would be a great book to have in your library." Learn more at AcademyforHealthyLiving.com.