Autism Awareness and Answers with Music, Comedy, and Brain Science

CRAZY TO SANE with Lynette Louise offered free in April

Global autism expert Lynette Louise raises awareness and offers actionable autism answers around the world as a therapist, author, speaker and neurofeedback specialist. But her favorite way to spread this important information is with music and comedy. In her one-woman musical comedy CRAZY TO SANE she has found a way to offer a guilt-free outing while gifting audiences with answers and inspiration.

Why comedy and singing? Louise raised eight children; six were adopted and four were on the spectrum of autism. As a sensory and socially challenged individual herself she found that stand-up and music were a great way to pay the bills, learn social skills and remember to laugh! Louise says of CRAZY TO SANE, "... it is also a tribute to the parents of autism. They are a wonderful part of my world."

Did you say Brain Science? Louise tried tons of therapies while raising her brood. With so many challenged children, and by being challenged herself, she was in a unique position to observe and understand the pros and cons of each different technique on a variety of brains. Eventually she discovered biofeedback for the brain—neurofeedback-- and she was hooked. This modality was congruent with her beliefs and observations. And it worked! Louise fell in love with the brain and went on to become board certified in neurofeedback. She is now pursuing her doctorate in psychophysiology.

Okay. But comedy, singing AND brain science! Huh? Louise explains this marriage best herself in CRAZY TO SANE. Exampling some of the stims and repetitious behaviors she has seen in autistic children and adults around the world, she stops and, out of breath, exclaims, "Being autistic is exhausting!" She goes on to explain how a high number of delta waves in our brains can make behaving strangely just a coping mechanism for focusing. "It's like your neurons are smoking pot!" she explains.

During Autism Awareness Month (April), Louise offers her show FREE of charge as part of her crusade to share answers and understanding in the world of autism. If you have a support group, non-profit organization or a group of curious friends, Louise will perform at your function for the price of hotel, travel and a small fee for her accompanist. Visit for more information or to get a peek at Louise on stage.