Author Picks Up the Pieces After Near Death Experience and Motivates Other Women


When the 12th annual KJLH Women's Health Forum opens Saturday, April 28, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Author and Life Coach Michelle Hannah will be among experts with takeaway messages that empower and motivate. With free health screenings, exercise classes, presenters, life-changing information, and prizes, the forum, occurring from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, is the perfect backdrop for the launch of Michelle's book The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey: Living Life beyond All the Broken Pieces. This book is a prescription for change.

Change is what draws countless women to The KJLH Women's Health Forum each year. With upwards of over 10,000 women, and celebrity support, Mary J. Blige this year, the event gives Michelle an opportunity to do what she does best: teach by example. "I am thrilled to have presence and that my book will be featured," says Michelle. "Like many other women who face the pain of neglect and being misunderstood, I have felt like giving up and opting out of living." Michelle's easy-to-read book replaces hopelessness with hope.

How it does so is through what Michelle calls the 4 B's. The first is break ups, whether breaking up with someone or breaking away from something. The breakdown phase is next, where fear and pain are acknowledged. This is a humbling time, when lessons are understood. Breakthrough comes next, and with that is courage to face fear and pain with confidence. The last phase, breakout, is arrival, embracing and living life on purpose.

Michelle experienced each of these stages. Her life was a series of rocky roads: from childhood abuse to cervical cancer to abandonment from the man who was to marry her.  Michelle's will to live was tested and she contemplated suicide. "If there are the walking dead, I was one. In my darkest hours, when the pain from cancer was greatest, when doctors were telling me to put my affairs in order, when I thought of what life would be like for my young daughter without me, it was my therapist who changed my life and gave me a will to live."

Change, in Michelle's view, begins with self-reflection, forgiveness, and healing. "What I learned through this journey is that we will go through many breaking points in our lives. When my former personal assistant committed suicide at 25 years young, and weeks before my book was published, I felt the bottom had fallen out; I also felt guilty. Should I have been more available to her? Should I have seen the warning signs? Stopping the self-blame by reading what would appear in my book helped a lot. Focusing on the tragedy wasn't taking care of me. I knew my personal assistant wouldn't have wanted that for me so I transitioned from breakdown to breakthrough. Maneuvering through the circumstances of her death was a defining moment."

Michelle also reminds us that pushing through life isn't easy in the absence of taking a look within. That's what saved her life. Her words to the wounded: Know how transformation looks and feels. Have the best life ever!

If on the West Coast in the Los Angeles area, hear Michelle's inspirational words and purchase an autographed copy of her book at the KJLH Women's Health Forum, this coming Saturday, and where admission is free. Others outside of LA can visit Michelle's websites, or to learn about her seminars and coaching sessions.