This August, Help Yourself to Better Vision


As part of Cataract Awareness Month, is striving to learn more about how cataracts affect people in their daily lives. To accomplish this, they are inviting individuals aged 60 and over to participate in an important national online survey all month long to gather data on vision issues. In return, they will provide these individuals with a free cataract information kit to help them learn more about how to protect their vision.

Many Americans agree that their vision is the most vital of all five senses, but as we get older, cataracts threaten to impair it. The valuable information shared through this survey will enable physicians to better understand how individuals cope with these types of vision issues and how they can more effectively spread the word about cataract symptoms and available treatment options.

“More than half of individuals over the age of 70 suffer from cataracts, but they are incredibly treatable,” said Jeff Taylor, MD, medical director of “With results from this survey, we will be better able to educate the public on the importance of vision care and treatment, and in turn, better serve our patients.”

Common cataract symptoms include hazy or cloudy vision, blurred or double vision, halos around bright lights and increased glare in direct sunlight. A comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor will determine whether cataracts are present and whether a patient is a candidate for surgery. Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common surgeries performed in the US. It is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans.

Individuals can access the survey at until August 31 and will automatically receive a free vision kit in appreciation for their time. The website also offers useful information year-round on cataracts and other eye conditions, treatment options, and how to find a nearby ophthalmologist.