Astroglide Explores the Male Mind - The "Sensitive Guy" vs. the "Manly Man"



Being “manly” does not mean being a jerk nor does it mean being unsympathetic or unfeeling. It typically encompasses certain traits, such as being decisive, boisterous, able to defend others, and stoic. Conversely, men that are “sensitive” shouldn't be tagged as doormats, pacifists, weak, or emotional. The ideal man has traits of both types: a manly side that helps them to take action and a sensitive side that helps them deal with emotions and form deeper personal connections.

Let's take a look at some typical sensitive guy traits with a comparison to how the manly man might deal with a similar situation. (Please keep in mind these are meant to be lighthearted and fun.)


 “Sensitive” Guy Actions:

  1. He remembers her birthday and/or their anniversary in plenty of time to put together a thoughtful gift.
  2. The sensitive guy is a good listener and will gladly discuss feelings with his partner and lends a sympathetic ear to problems she is having with girl friends or coworkers.
  3. He pays attention to little things, like how she takes her coffee and remembers to shave to avoid irritating her skin.
  4. The sensitive man will be okay with watching the latest rom-com and will snuggle with her while watching it. He's smart enough to know that it might lead to some action afterwards.


“Manly” Man Actions:

  1. Remembers his wife or girlfriend's birthday at the last minute and picks up a gift card and flowers at the gas station/convenience store on the way home. The manly man remembers important occasions, but doesn't make a big of a deal about them. Complex birthday parties are suitable for five-year-olds, not grownups.
  2. Most disagreements can/should be solved with decisive action, perhaps a fight to get it all out in the open. If not, then the manly man might suggest “sucking it up” and not whining.
  3. Facial Hair. Can any single trait better sum up the manly man than a mustache, beard, or even a goatee?
  4. Romantic comedies are only deemed survivable if they also include lots of explosions or zombies.


In reality, most women want a balance of the “sensitive” and “manly” in their mate. They want someone who isn't afraid to discuss what's on their mind and who also will stick to their convictions.