Asantae's Dr Lundell interviewed about "The Cure for Heart Disease"


Asantae Holdings International Inc., a producer and marketer of innovative nutritional products through a network of independent distributors, today recapped the recent media exposure that Dr. Dwight Lundell, author of "The Cure For Heart Disease" and formulator of Asantae's RealW8, received on Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

Dan Lundell, Asantae's CEO, stated that "Dr. Lundell's research and ideas have been central to Asantae's mission of addressing the root cause of obesity through our new lead product, RealW8.  Dr. Lundell is the driving force behind RealW8 and has been instrumental to its successful launch to date."

Asantae is also the publisher of Dr. Lundell's book, "The Cure for Heart Disease," which has recently moved into the Amazon best-seller category.

"The Cure for Heart Disease" is available for purchase at at