Arthritis Sufferers Go Pain-Free With All-Natural SOONER RELIEF

Safe, proven solution quickly fights the pain associated with America's most common disability

Maybe there's no cure for America's most common disability, but for the estimated 50 million victims of arthritis, there's a way to get relief "sooner than later." Developed by a rheumatologist physician with over 30 years of practice and research, SOONER RELIEF is a breakthrough pain-relief gel that delivers fast, proven results.

SOONER RELIEF is formulated with medicinal herbs that penetrate the source of aches and pains. Initially called AMR-7, this 100 percent natural, FDA-compliant solution is now being re-branded under a less-clinical name, SOONER RELIEF. Patients everywhere are using it to soothe not only arthritis, but also backaches, strains, bruises, sprains and more.

"It's been very exciting to witness the growing success of SOONER RELIEF," says Rod Cleveland, co-founder/vice president of operations for Physical Performance Health, LLC, which manufactures the gel. "We're continually hearing that it's reducing or totally eliminating pain and in a way that's much more sensible and safer than what's currently available to consumers. And this last point is very important, considering the recent concerns about potential gastrointestinal and cardiovascular risks that are now being associated with today's popular arthritis pills."

Unlike conventional medications, SOONER RELIEF features time-tested, key ingredients and remedies such as arnica, aloe vera, MSM, menthol and medicinal herbs. Free of toxic pigments, animal products and dyes, the powerful, paraben-free compound is delivered through a non-greasy gel that cools the skin and alleviates inflammatory pain. Although a product of the United States, SOONER RELIEF has been formulated in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the German Commission E Monographs and other reputable sources that monitor the authenticity and safety of all-natural remedies.

"The FDA doesn't recognize the medicinal properties of herbs but many countries do, and so we've intentionally established product credibility through careful consultation with the German Commission E Monographs," Cleveland says. "But it's not just our strict standards of product excellence that are supporting SOONER RELIEF's success. We've had all kinds of folks discovering that this is one pain-relief product that really works."

In fact, demand for SOONER RELIEF has exploded. It's been increasingly recommended by pharmacists and doctors nationwide, and is a favorite remedy of patients like the Grammy award-winning Carol Connors, who depends on it to play her guitar and piano pain-free. SOONER RELIEF makes it possible for people of all ages to lead active lifestyles, while delivering the peace of mind that comes with choosing a safe, long-lasting solution.

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