Arthritis Is a Ridiculous Diagnosis, According to Top Pain Physician Tom Chi

Arthritis is real but the pain can be easily cured, says Chi, who is also known as The Pain Whisperer

Arthritis is a common diagnosis for pain; however, pain and arthritis are usually separate problems that coexist. The "death sentence" of arthritis as an incurable pain problem is a complete fallacy, says Tom Chi.

Medscape approximates 35 percent of Americans have chronic pain, and 50 million Americans are disabled partially or totally due to chronic pain.

Dr. Hugh Rosomoff, MD, then chief of neurology at the University of Miami School of Medicine, studied CT scans of people in pain. 50 percent had arthritis. CT scans of people NOT in pain showed 50 percent also had arthritis. Conclusion? Most pain does not come from the arthritis but instead from the muscles and tendons.

Tom Chi, The Pain Whisperer, pioneered a breakthrough therapy to quickly and completely eliminate most incurable chronic pain. And it lasts, says Chi. "I used advanced kung fu exercises to super-sensitize my hands to feel tissue changes with tremendous detail. This allows me to completely visualize and then reprocess the injuries so that they no longer exist and they don't come back. This treatment works incredibly, even after years of therapy and failed surgeries." Dr. David Garrison, MD, said, "Tom is the real deal!"

Chi says patients are often diagnosed as "bone-on-bone" when tests show there is little or no cartilage. Even those who are scheduled for hip and knee replacements usually can walk normally with no pain and full range of motion after Chi "reprocesses" their injured tissues with his Supertouch therapy.

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