Are You Happy with Your Weight? Survey from Fitness Magazine & Yahoo! Shine Exposes How Men & Women Deal with the Battle of the Bulge

Majority of adults admit to not being at their ideal weight

America’s quest for weight loss is never-ending, according to a new survey from FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! Shine. The exclusive survey asked 2,001 women and men to reveal how they feel about their weight and if being skinny really matters. The survey revealed that 38 percent of adults and 48 percent of women say they “feel fat” on a weekly basis; 41 percent of adults believe that losing weight would positively impact their lives. More than half of the adults polled (53 percent) and 59 percent of women polled said they wanted to lose 10-20 pounds.

The results appear in the 20th anniversary issue of FITNESSon stands April 17, 2012, and online at Yahoo! Shinethe leading site for women’s lifestyle contentHighlights from the findings are below.

Happy at Your Ideal Weight?

The survey revealed that 74 percent of adults aren’t currently at their goal weight; 44 percent of women and 38 percent of men believe they would be happier at their ideal weight.

Adults said if they were at their goal weight they believed they would:

Be happier       41 percent
Have a better love life       18 percent
Make more money       7  percent
Have more friends       5  percent

Celeb Body Confidence

28 percent of women said they wished they could steal Halle Berry’s body confidence.

Here’s how other celebs stacked up:

  Halle Berry       28 percent
  Beyonce       20 percent
  Kate Winslet       15 percent
  Kim Kardashian       8  percent
  Adele       6  percent

Fat Days

  • 48 percent of women admitted to having an “I feel fat” day once a week or more, compared to only 28 percent of men. 19 percent of women polled said they felt fat every day.
  • 40 percent of women and 22 percent of men noted saving “fat clothes” – clothes that are too big – in their closet in case they gain a few pounds.

Dare to Compare

  • Women are tough critics: 31 percent thought they looked fatter compared to other women, and only 10 percent thought they looked better.
  • Not surprisingly, men weren’t as hard on themselves. 18 percent thought they looked just as good as other men, with only 16 percent admitting to believing that they looked fatter.

Battle of the Bulge

55 percent of women and 43 percent of men polled admitted that after gaining weight, they would watch what they ate, but they wouldn’t resort to extreme dieting.

What women do when they gain weight:

Watch what I eat, but don’t go on a diet       55 percent
Head to the gym/start exercising       17 percent
Drown my sorrows in cookies/candy       12 percent
Start a diet immediately       10 percent
Curse out the scale       10 percent

Body Issues

  • 51 percent of women have deleted a photo of themselves because they thought they looked fat versus 21 percent of men. Young women (age 18-34) were more likely to do so, with 60 percent hitting delete.
  • 33 percent of women have been too embarrassed to change clothes in public compared to only 21 percent of men. Another 20 percent of women have bought clothes that are too small in hopes of one day fitting into them; only 9 percent of men have done this.
  • 43 percent of women said a husband or boyfriend was the person most likely to make them feel good about their weight, followed by best friend (13 percent), sister (6 percent), and mother (5 percent).

Full survey results available by request.