Anxiety and Depression Relief: Physician’s Preference Offers a Peaceful Mind this Holiday Season

Quick tips for holiday cheer

The holiday season is a joyous time of year, yet it is usually accompanied by an onslaught of stress triggers, which can leave people feeling anxious, fatigued and even depressed. Are you feeling overwhelmed, wishing that you could enjoy the holidays?

Physician’s Preference Vitamins & Supplements (PPVS) wellness experts reveal how to achieve a calm mind this holiday season with natural ways to relieve stress, and boost mood and energy. Currently, 19 million Americans suffer from depression; an additional 12 million suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

“With the demands of the holidays accompanied by changes in temperature, this time of year can be taxing for many, resulting in exhaustion, headaches, muscle aches, depression and anxiety,” said Dr. Steven Hotze, founder and CEO of PPVS. “During the winter months, it takes additional energy to heat the body, which is an additional burden when adrenal glands are weak.”

An estimated 70 million people are affected by stress, and 48 percent of Americans report lying awake at night due to stress. Beyond mind-numbing pharmaceutical band-aids, conventional medicine has nothing to offer individuals suffering from depression, anxiety or chronic fatigue.

Anxiety and depression can stem from hormonal imbalances such as adrenal fatigue, commonly known as chronic fatigue. The good news: there are natural treatment options available.


Vitamins:  Holiday Heroes to the Rescue!

>> Rhodiola: Improves adrenal fatigue and stress

>> 5- HTTP: Converts to serotonin in the brain. Serotonin elevates mood and alleviates anxiety.

>> Inositol: Has a calming effect.

>> GABA: Amino acid that promotes relaxation.

>> Vitamin B Complex: B-vitamins work together to positively affect mood and stress; B-12 boosts energy; B6 improves depression by balancing neurotransmitters.

>> Fish Oil (DHA): Decreases the risk of depression. Studies have found the risk of postpartum depression dropped dramatically in women who increased DHA levels during pregnancy.

>> Vitamin D3: Alleviates anxiety and depressed moods.

>> Magnesium (Mg): Helps alleviate depression, prevents migraines, and lessens anxiety and panic attacks. It keeps adrenal stress hormones under control and lessens fatigue (dozens of enzyme systems are under-functioning when deficient in Mg). Take Mg at bedtime to help you fall asleep.


Other ways to increase holiday cheer:

>> Dietary changes: Adrenal fatigue often causes low blood sugar. Eating breakfast and having a protein with each meal is crucial. Eat a high protein snack late afternoon, and before bed to keep cortisol levels from dropping.

>> Select unrefined carbohydrates, lean protein, vegetables, and essential fatty acids. Avoid excessive caffeine, which stimulates the adrenal glands causing a roller coaster blood sugar effect.

>> Try working out

>> Evaluate hormones: anxiety, depression, and fatigue can stem from hormonal imbalances.


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