American Parents to Help Kate and William Prevent Sleep Deprivation


For Kate and William, the exhilaration of bringing a newborn home might wear off quickly if the baby is keeping them up at all hours. Gregory and Adrienne Doring have been in that situation and are sending the royal couple their sleep solution as a baby gift.

"After waking up to care for one of our young children, I used to lay awake for an hour or two trying to fall back asleep!" said Adrienne. She did not want to take a traditional sleep aid because of harmful effects and addictive chemicals. "I couldn't afford to be groggy the next day."

The couple discovered that there are a few select fruits around the world that can help with sleep. This eventually led the couple to work with pharmacists and nutrition experts to develop the first 100 percent fruit sleep aid, Berry Sleepy. It comes in capsules and is comprised entirely of three proven sleep-inducing superfruits: Goji Berries, Passion Fruit and Tart Cherries. Scientific research studies confirm these superfruits have powerful sleep and health benefits. Those taking Berry Sleepy find that it naturally supports falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer and waking up refreshed with no grogginess.

"Having a baby is a joyful event and we want to make sure it stays a positive experience for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge so more little royals follow this one," said Adrienne.

"William and Kate lead a healthy lifestyle, so we think they'll appreciate a sleep aid with naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants," said Greg. "A dose of the right superfruits will help them get the sleep they need to be ready for their full schedules each day."

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