Alcohol Is A Leading Cause of Cancer, Even With Moderate Use

New Alcohol Justice fact sheet

Alcohol Justice released a new fact sheet today (available at summarizing recent research on alcohol and cancer risk.

“We looked at peer-reviewed, scientific reports which closely examined the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer,” stated Alcohol Justice director of research, Sarah Mart. “As esteemed researchers around the world focus on the current burden of disease and injury and its associated economic costs, we continue to learn more about the substantial role of alcohol in that harm.”

Studies concur that alcohol consumption is significantly associated with at least seven types of cancer:

* Oral

* Esophageal

* Larynx

* Pharynx

* Liver

* Colorectal

* Female breast

While heavy drinking presents the greatest risk, daily alcohol consumption of as little as 1.5 drinks accounts for up to 35% of alcohol-attributable cancer deaths in the United States. “The research is clear: There is no determined safe limit for alcohol consumption with regard to cancer risk,” Mart said.

“Alcohol has been classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer for more than 25 years,” said Mart. “Yet Big Alcohol continuously spends big bucks to block evidence-based policies that would reduce harm from its products.”

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