ALCAT Worldwide Partners with Athletes Edge

Now offers ALCAT tests to its elite athletes

ALCAT Worldwide announced today that it has reached a partnership with Athletes Edge, South Florida's premier sports performance training facilities, to provide the ALCAT test for its elite athletes. 

Athletes Edge ( works on fine tuning professional athletes, preparing collegiate athletes for the draft and their seasons, training high school athletes for college scholarships and training for youth athletes. Athletes Edge has two locations, one on campus at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and the other in Miami on the St Thomas University campus. 

ALCAT Worldwide is a division of Cell Sciences Systems, where the ALCAT Test is performed in its licensed and FDA compliant laboratory. The ALCAT Test is a simple blood test that measures the body's cellular response to a wide array of substances including foods, functional foods, medicinal herbs, food additives, food colorings, environmental chemicals, molds, and antibiotics. The ALCAT Test identifies the personal triggers of inflammation caused by foods and chemicals.

"It's the perfect marriage as we will be able to provide our athletes access to the ultimate nutritional test in the country to complement the training we provide them to reach their physical potential in a safe, time efficient manner with an emphasis on hard work and leadership," said Don Icsman, Founder of Athletes Edge. "Every athlete's body is different and even though they are technically eating the 'right' thing, they actually might have a food allergy that is slowing them down."

Professional athletes have been using the ALCAT for years and have touted the test and how it changed their lives and performance. 

"Athletes Edge is the preeminent training company in Florida and by adding this nutritional component it will become the ultimate one-stop shop for building future sports stars. It's still amazing to see how athlete's bodies and energy levels respond when they find out what the proper diet is for their body," said Roger Deutsch, CEO of Cell Sciences Systems and creator of the ALCAT Test.