After Healing Her Thyroid With Natural Remedies, Founder Offers Free Course on Home Remedies


Sydney Johnston, founder of, developed an illness that was so severe that simply getting dressed in the morning was a major accomplishment. When her heart began pounding loudly and erratically, she agreed to a series of medical tests. She was diagnosed as having Graves' disease, which occurs when the thyroid launches into overdrive, sending vast quantities of hormones reeling throughout the body.

Her doctors prescribed beta blockers and Methimazole, which Ms. Johnston obediently swallowed and she felt somewhat better. However, after four months, her Endocrinologist stated that, according to her lab tests, she was "cured." She was ordered not to take the drugs any more because they would damage her liver.


About one week later, her symptoms began to return and she quickly felt as terrible as before. "That's when I realized I was on my own," says Ms. Johnston, and she began to intensively research and experiment with natural remedies to heal her misbehaving thyroid.


Ms. Johnston's first success came with copper supplements, which caused her heartbeat to resume its normal smooth and quiet rhythm. In the next weeks, meditation and relaxation exercises, along with vitamins and minerals -- especially magnesium -- caused her thyroid to relax and normalize itself.


Sydney Johnston began to enjoy life again and she also realized how much money she was saving. She bought her copper supplements on Amazon and they cost $5.49 for 100 capsules. This was a 50 day supply at a cost of $0.11 per day. Her beta blockers cost $1.09 per pill and she took two each day.


Ms. Johnston did so much research on natural home remedies that she has become quite knowledgeable on the subject. She has written two Kindle books that are selling on Amazon: 61 Natural Remedies For Diabetes: Home Remedies Wisdom Volume 1 and 129 Natural Remedies For Weight Loss: Home Remedies Wisdom Volume 2.


To share this knowledge and, hopefully, prevent suffering by others, is offering a free one-year course on natural remedies. This series will discuss hundreds of inexpensive and readily available home remedies that can help to heal many common ailments.


Candida, fever blisters, dandruff, toothache, hair loss, athlete's foot, snoring, poison ivy and oak rash, sunburn, stretch marks, thrush, motion sickness, constipation, bad breath, diaper rash, gout, psoriasis, nausea and hot flashes are just a few of the problems discussed in this educational series. Anyone can subscribe at: