The Ability to Kill Cancer is within Reach


Timed to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, New York Times Bestseller Dr. Ben Lerner has launched his book THE CANCER KILLERS available at While the medical field often points to the genetic tendency to develop cancer, Dr. Lerner's research indicates it's actually lifestyle that triggers the issues. He reveals that cancer cannot survive inside a body that is healthy, and there are direct and definable steps you can take to treat the body and mind, therefore eliminating chances of cancer immediately.

His concept is simple: cancer cannot overwhelm a well person and flourish in a healthy body, and it is a side effect of a body not functioning at a high level which allows these dangerous cells to accumulate in abundance. The secret is this: a body is already designed to kill cancer if it is treated right. If one addresses the cause, removes any interference and maximizes one's potential, not only is it a principle for killing cancer, but leads to a better overall lifestyle with more health and energy.

The proof is in co-author Dr. Charles Majors, diagnosed with stage 4 Bone Marrow Cancer and given six weeks to live. He made lifestyle adjustments as detailed in the book and didn't just survive his cancer, but crushed it. From a mindset adjustment (taking responsibility, using a positive outlook) to consuming proper foods (more healthy fats, eliminate sugars) to proper exercise (short-duration, but high-intensity workouts) to reducing toxics (going organic, limiting pesticides), anyone can take on the cancer culprits and become a Cancer Killer.

From the "Don't Get It Plan" to the "If You Have It Plan", Dr. Lerner and Dr. Majors detail steps that are clear and simple. Additionally, they share the top cancer fighting foods (cacao number one) and recipes, the exercise plan that best kills cancer (it requires literally three minutes a day) to what are the top toxics/cancer culprits to eliminate and which are the best toxic-free products for your home.

And specific to Breast Cancer, the doctors outline the affect hormones have on Breast Cancer and how it all ties to body fat levels. He shares the best foods to prevent this precise form of cancer: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cacao, leafy greens and organic animal products, as well as the right kind of exercise program to increase good hormones. Toxins found in certain foods and containers and in specific types of personal care products lead directly to the disease, so he details what to eliminate from the home.

THE CANCER KILLERS is a clear guide for anyone wanting to take their health into their own hands. By adopting the philosophy "the cause is the cure", readers can introduce lifestyle chances and choices to better their overall health, lessen their chances of the disease and improve their life outlook. On Thursday, November 11, participants can join tens of thousands of fellow Cancer Killers to learn the "Don't Get It Plan" blueprint at one of the more than 400 locations across the US hosting an event.