8,600 Barbecue Grill Fires A Year!


According to the National Fire Prevention Association there are 5,000 outside BBQ grill fires annually that require fire departments to respond. And there are another 3,600 BBQ grill fires that cause damage to the structure of homes.

Here are some quick tips to help you enjoy a safe BBQ grilling season;

1.  Before you use your BBQ grill;

   - repair any damaged energy supply connections such as gas tanks, hoses and
     electrical connections.

   - replace any corroded BBQ grill parts.

2.  Locate your BBQ grill a safe distance from your home, wooden deck and anything flammable. Always keep your BBQ grill in a place where children are not playing. Your Operator's Manual should give you an explanation on proper BBQ grill placement.

3.  Always follow the lighting instructions in the Operator's Manual that came with your BBQ grill.

4.  Never leave a BBQ grill unattended and have a fire extinguisher close by.

5.  Clean your BBQ grill regularly to remove grease. Grease can cause flare-ups that can be deadly.

And before you fire-up your BBQ grill for the 2013 season be sure to check and remove any rodent nests, spider webs and other debris that might affect the safe operation of your BBQ grill.

Have a safe BBQ grilling season!