5 Ways Seniors Benefit from House Call Doctors


Medical Economics reports that, in the 1930s, a full 40 percent of patient treatment took place in the home. Since those days, the comfort of home care from an expert physician has become increasingly rare, but there are signs that house call doctors are beginning to make a substantial comeback. Data from Medicare Part B billings show that the number of house calls increased from 1.4 million in 1999 to 2.3 million in 2009, due in large part to the growing number of seniors in the US and their unique healthcare needs.  

There are a number of good reasons for this trend. Below is a list of five ways senior can benefit from home visit doctors:

Avoid Dangerous Traffic – Board-certified internist Dr. Michael Farzam began House Call Doctor Los Angeles, a medical service exclusively devoted to out-of-office medical care, because he understands that many people find traveling busy freeways to a medical facility very challenging–particularly when they're already feeling ill. Although the LA area is especially notorious for its traffic, this is obviously a nationwide concern.

Care When you Need it – This type of services tends to be more responsive. For example, in most cases, a specialist from House Call Doctor Los Angeles will arrive at a patient's location within an hour or less from a patient's call, 24 hours a day–even on weekends and holidays. Dr. Farzam can even offer telephone medicine to his patients for situations that require an immediate response.

Safety from Germs – Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of traditional medical facilities is that when you arrive, you often have to sit in a crowded waiting room with people suffering from various illnesses. A house call doctor allows you to stay in the clean, private comfort of your home, far away from most contagions.

Eco-Friendly Medicine – As we get older, it's not unusual to start thinking about the effect we have on the planet at large. A house call doctor can lower your carbon footprint by cutting down on driving to and from a doctor's office and pharmacy. Because it is not an office-based practice, it also involves little consumption of utilities such as electricity, gas, water, traditional office supplies, and electronics.

Cost-Effective Healthcare – Many older people find themselves on a fixed income. That's why House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers medical service with fees that are competitive with those charged by area physicians who treat patients in traditional medical offices. For those who are currently uninsured or don't have access to a physician, their medical service is actually often the most affordable option.

By 2030, a full 70 million people will be aged 65 years or greater. Fortunately, the growing number of seniors, and those of any age in need of house call or mobile medicine, will benefit from pioneering house call medicine from innovative physicians like Dr. Michael Farzam at House Call Doctor Los Angeles. For further information regarding house call medicine from Dr. Farzam and his medical team, please call 310-849-7991 or visit housecalldoctorla.com


Source: House Call Doctor Los Angeles