10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks


Thorbjörg, 54, is Scandinavia's antiaging queen. Her best-selling book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, reached cult status in Scandinavia by advocating a natural approach to health and beauty for women of all ages. Whether you're in your thirties wondering how to future-proof your body or you're in your forties or fifties worrying that bikinis and flirty fun are over forever, you'll find inspiration in 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, now available in English for the first time.

"I make aliving by making women feel more beautiful, more healthy, and by making them fall in love with themselves," Thorbjörg says.

Thorbjörg, a trained nurse and nutritional therapist, offers fresh advice backed by hard science. "Vitality comes from the inside out," she says.  She aims to help her readers understand how the body works and how to work with it. Her antiage program includes delicious recipes, invigorating exercises, and clear guidelines on nutritional supplements. It provides natural alternatives to injectables and advice on skin care, and it describes cleansing and relaxation as the sources of eternal youth. There's also a section on the antiaging effects of sex!

Full of inspiring case studies, 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks gives you the secrets to avoiding sagging skin, flabby bits, and mood swings. Better still, her book demonstrates how menopause needn't be hell; by understanding our hormones better, women can avoid many of the symptoms.

In 2012, Thorbjörg tested her program publicly on Danish TV. On "Botox versus Broccoli," Thorbjörg coached the Broccoli team with her program of nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise (the other team went under the needle). After a mere 8 weeks, the Broccoli team matched the Botox team for looking youthful--and far outreached them in health, vitality, and well-being. They had a lot more fun, too.

Thorbjörg's own interest in health and vitality began in her thirties when she realised how dependent she'd become on sugar--especially Danish pastries. Hit by mood swings and energy dips, she resolved to learn more about nutrition. Her personal interest became a professional one, and she has coached thousands of women through her system--and her books have sold over 200,000 copies in Scandinavia. She also has three daughters and has worked in Danish schools for children with learning difficulties, helping to improve their diet and well-being--and with it their social and educational performance.

10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks is a demanding program but an inspiring one too. Full of Nordic common sense and humor, Thorbjörg's message is that women of all ages can take their health and vitality into their own hands and live life on their own terms. It will be followed by a video course.

Try her free test to test your biological age at:

"I followed Thorbjörg's 10 Years Younger Program and was truly delighted with the results. Her deep understanding of nutrition, as much as her motivating personality, made the experience a complete success," says Tamara Rappa, Senior Accessories Editor for Oprah Magazine, "and I am certainly not alone in my belief that Thorbjörg's work has the power to make a huge impact on today's culinary and fitness culture."

"Thorbjorg has changed the lives of people--particularly women--around the world, motivating them to transform their lifestyles to achieve a true and lasting sense of well-being," says Anne Catherine Faergemann, Clinical Dietician at Nordic Clinic.

"I have witnessed lifestyle coach and writer Thorbjörg leave a mark on the international scene as one of Scandinavia's most trusted and beloved authors and television personalities, and can recommend her in the strongest possible terms," says Loreen Stevens, CEO of Bel-Espit Creative.

A quick Q&A with Thorbjörg:

1. That's a provocative title!  Can you really look and feel 10 years younger in 10 weeks? I feel like I've aged that over Christmas…

Is it? Yes you are right; some people might walk away from the book because they mistake it for being just about looking young forever. Of course that's not the case, as they would realize, if they just were curious about the content and "the how". But I'm glad that many women think the title is inspiring because becoming 10 years younger in 10 weeks is possible, if you follow my instructions in the book! It will take about three months for the body cells and organs to renew themselves and that is what it is all about. To give the body the very best tools to fix itself and optimize natural function. My tools are not botox or fillers because they will not fix anything in the long run, but the right food will, along with some supplements, of course exercise, and the right mindset.

Winter is a wonderful time, because we have some days off and are with family, resting and eating. Unfortunately the winter food does not make you younger! All the sugar and carbs and unhealthy fats do add some years to your body and you feel tired and confused when it's all over and you have to go back to work. Many of my followers, who know and live the 10 Years Younger lifestyle, do week 5 and 6 after the holidays. Those are the detox weeks. They give you a new start.

2.  You look amazing at 54, but I'm only 30. Surely I can enjoy some more party years first?

Well thank you! I feel good because I take care of myself, most of the time very well. I was once 30, and maybe it is a cliché, but it feels as if it were yesterday. When you are in the thirties you never think that you will get old someday and you don't think about how you want to feel when you are 50 or 60. Perhaps that is natural and one should not give it too much thought but live in the present. But on the other hand, today we plan everything in advance: work, education, pregnancy, holidays, etc. So why not include your health? That is what I did some 25-30 years ago, when I was partying, eating junk and sugar and all "that fun stuff". I pictured myself 20 and 30 years ahead and asked myself a very good question: if I just keep on doing what I am doing now, eating what I eat now, where will I be in 20 years? How will I feel and what will I think of myself? The answers to those questions were actually very scary. So I changed my life.

3.  Hmmm, I think it's a bit too late for me. Okay so I've given up smoking now but I still like a drink. Surely I'm beyond redemption?

It is never too late, and never too early! It is a great thing to give up smoking! Give yourself some credit for that. To quit smoking is a tough thing to do. If you can do that, you can do anything! And what is wrong with liking a drink or two--as long as it is within reasonable control. It is the other things that really matter: The food you eat during the week, exercise habits, etc. To be healthy is not about becoming a saint! It's about being aware and taking responsibility. And that feels good and is a part of being 10 years younger.

4. It looks an awful lot of trouble.  I'm not sure I can handle chopping up all these vegetables…

It is much easier than you imagine. Of course it depends on where you are. If you have never chopped or cooked it is going to be a challenge. There's a risk that you might actually like it! But if not, there is always a way. Not loving to cook cannot stop you from being 10 years younger! I'm sorry! That excuse doesn't work. You can buy chopped vegetables. You can even buy healthy fast food. It's going to cost you a bit more, but you can do it. Just make your own breakfast, take your supplements, do the exercise, and let local healthy catering do the rest, if need be.

5. My friends would think I've gone completely dotty if I start doing all this! 

Yes, maybe they will. And then they just have to deal with that, won´t they? I mean, that can´t be your problem! On the other hand, they might just think that you are cool and responsible. They might also become a bit jealous because they want to start themselves but they just don't have your guts and will power. I have always found that a smile and compassion is the best weapon against jealousy.  

6.  Okay, you've convinced me. How should I start?

Good! Read the book. Take the biological age test. It´s kind of scary but that is a part of it. To be courageous you have to be a bit scared, realizing that your body is much older than your chronological age. But that is just fine. You are exactly where you need to be--just start with the first week. 

8.  I've got teenage daughters. How can I get them interested in healthy eating and having a good body image?

By being their role model. It is as simple as that. Don´t preach! Just do! And stop having all the junk food and sugar in the house. Replace it all with better and healthier alternatives.

Thorbjörg suggests five important things you can do today to improve your health and vitality.
>>Eat a clean protein for breakfast, no bread.
>>Drink 8 glasses of water per day
>>Eat cabbage in your salad
>>Make your own snacks with almonds, coconut flakes, and cocoa beans. The recipe is 1 cup coconut flakes (can be roasted), 1 cup chopped almonds, 1/2 cup cocoa beans / nips, 1/2 cup goji berries or dried blue berries (no added sugar) or just plain raisins. Blend 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder. Enjoy!
>>Go to bed early and aim to get 8 hours of sleep.

Good luck!

Source: Pine Tribe Limited, pinetribe.com