10 Tips from Milk Unleashed for Keeping them Happy and Healthy!


Most of us are not going “over the river and through the woods” anymore on Thanksgiving. But we are travelling! Americans are hitting the road in their cars to share turkey with family and friends—91 percent are traveling by car, and more than half are going more than 100 miles. How can you keep the kids entertained and happy with healthy snacks? Milk Unleashed has some tips for family car travel for the holidays.

Milk Unleashed is an educational campaign aimed at families to let them know about shelf-safe milk. It is real, Grade A milk that is ultra-pasteurized, packaged in a shelf-safe Tetra Pak carton (similar to a juice carton or carton of soup) that doesn’t require refrigeration until opened (no preservatives added). So there’s no need to sacrifice nutrition when the family is on the go.

1. Pre-freeze a few cartons of shelf safe milk for the ride. By lunch time you will have a delicious, chilled, and nutritious drink.

2. Since the milk can be stored in the pantry for up to six months without refrigeration, the single-serve cartons are ideal to toss into the diaper bag or purse and take on road trips.

3. Before the trip, make a CD or playlist of your kids’ favorite songs, mixed with your favorite songs from when you were growing up.

4. Prepare for the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored.” Fill a box with anything that could be used on a car trip to stir up fun.

5. Map it! Print out a good old-fashioned road map and a handful of colored pencils or markers to track the journey.

6. Provide a camera so the kids can capture the most amazing things they see on the trip to Grandma’s …with prizes (funniest, best animal shot, etc.).

7. If you’ll be visiting people who don’t have children, they may not have kid-friendly snacks. Pack extra cartons of shelf-safe milk and snack bags filled with trail mix, cut-up fruit, or cereal and some string cheese.

8. Even though everyone just wants to get there, long car trips can be tiring. Plan a few fun stops along the way to a park, scenic lookout, or funky landmark.

9. On the ride home, have everyone share their three favorite things about the holiday trip.

10. Download more ideas for “Family Adventures on the Mooove.”