“Video Scheduler” to Help Autism Families for the Holidays

MDR donates 8,000 copies

Medical Data Recovery, Inc. (Look2Learn.com) is giving back to the community in a big way this holiday season. For two days, the local app developer released their newest title, "Video Scheduler" to the public and watched as it became the #1 most downloaded education app world-wide in Apple iTunes. This amounted to over 8000 copies of the application, which typically retails for $12.99.

The app is focused on helping individuals with autism better organize their world through video and picture schedules. It also includes cutting edge "video modeling" technology which has been proven to expedite learning for individuals with autism.

MDR President Mike MacKenzie was thrilled to provide assistance to families, "We wanted to give back to the community and feel this application is going to improve learning and the quality of life for thousands of families," said MacKenzie. "We have built our products with this in mind and have been highly successful. We thought this was something that was very much needed this holiday season.”

Local school psychologist and co-designer of the application, Bill Thompson, also noted the impact that the app is having on families. "Our main goal is to create an easy to use application that is powerful for the end user,” said Thompson. “We really strived to design something that will ultimately make a huge difference for these families. We are convinced that these apps can help families and individuals with autism. It's also great that we could help them over the holiday season as so many of them are investing a great amount in mobile devices," said Thompson.