“The dog ate my marijuana!”

PetPartners’ List of the Most Interesting Ingestion Claims of 2013

A dog is a man’s best friend. They should rewrite that phrase to “a man’s pocketbook’s best friend.”

Only 1% of American dog owners have pet insurance. However, in Sweden, the first policy was written for a dog in 1924. That country still touts a 70% coverage rate for our furry friends.

PetPartners, a Raleigh-based pet insurance company, has received more than one million dollars in claims just from foreign body and toxin ingestions this year.

Here is a list of our most interesting ingestion claims from 2013!

10) Sticks/Concrete

9) Foxtail

8) Dental Floss

7) Kitchen Towel

6) Raisins/Chocolate

5) Xylitol (found in sugarless gum and candy)

4) Hydroxycut (diet pill)

3) Corn Cob

2) Turkey Skewer

1) Marijuana

That is right, the dog ate the ganja. We were unable to get a comment from the owner of Millie, the pesky pooch, but were able to get brief stories from owners of some interesting X-rays, including a button and a baseball-size lump of grass, rocks, raisins, sticks etc.

Veterinarians caution that this time of year is very dangerous for dogs and cats alike. Tinsel, string, and ornaments are horrible to ingest. Dr. Rob Proietto, MS, VMD, pleads with pet owners to take extra caution. “We see intoxications from presents or stockings that the dogs and cats open under the tree like special chocolate bars. These dogs and cats often have to have surgery or be hospitalized, which can come with a high price tag of 3,000 to 5,000 dollars. When our patients have pet insurance that covers the surgery and treatment for these emergencies it makes things a lot easier as we don’t make choices based on finances. We make choices based on what is best for the pet.”