Apply Mineral Foundations Like a Pro

Celebrity makeup artist and natural beauty expert Christy Coleman lets us in on a few of her tried-and-true application tips.

On Applying Liquid Mineral Foundation :

Find your best shade by testing the color near your jawline. Notice how it looks initially, then check after ten minutes to see how it has melded with your skin. Once the correct color has been identified, application can begin.

Use a synthetic buffing brush to achieve optimal blending—you’ll use less product than with other methods.

Mix in a small amount of moisturizer if you find the foundation to be too drying.

Christy’s favorite liquid mineral foundation: Jane Iredale //


On Applying Loose Mineral Foundation :

Powder will appear chalky if your skin is too dry, so always make sure to begin with clean and hydrated skin.

Dip a large, synthetic brush into the powder, tap off any excess, and use your palm to work the product evenly onto all sides of the brush to ensure proper coverage. Then use a light buffing motion to blend the product over your face.

If your skin is oily, try mixing in a little aloe vera gel.

A natural finish is always achieved by layering—several applications are better than one. When you’ve reached your desired coverage, set with a hydrosol or a spritz of water.

Christy’s favorite mineral power foundation: Alima Pure //