Write Your Way Slimmer

By Meghan Rabbitt

The challenge: How to stop a case of the munchies on cold, dark days that dampen your spirits.
Solution: Put pen to paper first thing in the morning, says Julia Cameron, author of the just-published The Writing Diet (Penguin). She noticed that students from her writing classes who journaled every morning started looking better and losing weight. “Writing about what’s on your mind for just five minutes when you first wake up can release all sorts of thoughts and emotions, and keep them from manifesting in unhealthy ways later in the day,” says Cameron.

To make it work:
Jot down thoughts right after your alarm goes off. Not a morning person ’til you’ve had your coffee? Turn off the tube and write while you eat breakfast.

If you’re scared of the blank page, choose someone in your life to “speak” to, so it’s almost like you’re writing a letter.